Repentance is turning to God

In the New Testament, repentance is called a change of mind, and the literal translation in Greek means “change your mind.” Every time you change your mind, replace it with God’s, you are repenting. Whether it’s regarding yourself, sin, God, people, life, future, or everything else, when you are willing to change yourself for God, you are repenting.

When we are willing to turn to God, to receive God’s love, to know that He loves us, and begin to love God, that is the repentance!

When we are willing to know Jesus’ salvation, to put down our own opinions and to obey God’s will, that is the repentance!

When we shed tears under the touch of the Holy Spirit, and have actions to transform ourselves, it is the best proof of repentance. God treasures us, including every teardrop we shed, He collects it.

God does not rebuke people but loves us very much. If we truly love God, we should learn from Him, not rebuke people, but love those whom He loves. What He loves is not only the Christians and the godly ones, but also all human being. Sincere and godly Christians are humble and gentle, and in them the likeness of Jesus Christ is seen.

When people’s hearts are touched by the Holy Spirit, they truly experience God’s presence, then the repentance will come. We just bring people to the Lord Jesus and pray for them. When people repent, the Holy Spirit will work to make people convicted that they are sinners and need the Savior Jesus Christ. Once they decide to turn from their sins, their repentance will lead them to the forgiveness of God.

When I truly repent, I will never go back how I was in the past, because in Christ, I’m a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!

If you need someone to pray for you or your family, please leave your message. I can pray for you. I hope this sharing helps you to turn to God . Amen!