God’s Words – For His Lost Children (3)

‘because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.
Mercy triumphs over judgment. ‘ James 2:13 /NIV

God’s Words – For His Lost Children (3)

God wants to tell you a story.
Once there was a farmer going to the city to visit a friend. His friend was a rich man from a wealthy family. That year farmer’s harvest was short of and he didn’t have money to purchase the necessary seeds for the next planting, so he was planning to borrow some from that rich friend.

Unexpectedly, when the farmer tried to explain his intention, his friend told him that there was a hole in the roof of the house and he needed money to repair it. In this way, the rich man made the farmer retreat and leave with nothing. Then the farmer went home.

On the way home the farmer prayed for a miracle, but the miracle did not happen. The farmer had to rely on the only remaining seeds to sow. Unfortunately, there was a drought that year, and the crops failed to harvest again. In the end, the farmer starved to death.

Before he died, the farmer saw a very rich feast with a lot of delicious food that he had never tasted before, God let him enjoy it. Although the farmer suffered from hunger, he attended God’s feast and was full.
That rich friend, who had no shortage of food, clothing, and farm fields, was thrown into hell full of fear when he died. Although he has not done any damage to others, he was unmerciful and had no compassion. Such a person is not qualified to go to heaven.

I tell you this story to let you know:
Whoever suffers a lot in the world, I will take special care of him in my Kingdom;
Whoever enjoys a lot in the world and don’t give alms, I don’t give him alms either.

Elena Yaling Chen received and recorded His words on 17th February, 2012; and translated from Chinese to English in 2022.

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Elena Yaling Chen

The Lord Jesus loves to talk to those who believe in Him, and He wants to be part of your life so that you can be transformed by Him and become a holy vessel available to God. Seek Him more, make time for yourself to be quiet, pour out all the good and bad in your life to Him, and He will comfort your hearts through the Holy Spirit. My purpose is to encourage you to seek the Lord Jesus.

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